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Young people need to vote. It’s as simple as that! Not only do we need to register, and pay attention to the candidates-we need  to actually show up on election day. The purpose of this blog is to lay out information and encourage people to participate in the process. This year is especially important, because of the state of our nation. We are fighting a two-front war, paying an arm and a leg for gas, and watching the economy fall through. All of these things affect us and if nothing is done, these things have the potential to affect our children and future generations. As young people, we have strength in numbers, and we are in an extrordinary position to influence this and future elections. It’s so obvious that politicians target policy proposals while campaigning to groups who vote. As of now, old people have been the most reliable voting block. Once politicans realize that young people care and WILL show up to vote, that should change…Without regard for gender, race, or political affiliation, we are at a point in history where change is critical! I don’t know about you all, but I’m here to do my part!


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